Keeping a diary

When I was in high school, I had a diary. I use to write all sorts of things in it including what I got up to, my thoughts, ideas and general mood. I only wrote a few lines each day but, even though my diary entries were about the same length as a tweet, I managed to say a lot in them. It's that reason that I have decided to write a quick blog entry on keeping a diary or a journal.

First off, there are many ways you can keep a diary. The simplest way is to keep a small notebook and some pens. I did this for a good part of 2 years and wrote in all kinds of inks and styles. I kept the book under my pillow along with a pen that was clips to the front cover. For most, this is the easiest but the cost of pens can mount up over time - plus, the book won't last as long as you might thing. The paper can be easily weathered and damaged making it difficult to keep for longer lengths of time. The reason I liked it so much was because I could personalise the pages and covers. I could also draw things.

One of the more modern ways to keep a diary is to do this. As the blog platform evolves and changes, and our lives move online, it's becoming increasingly more popular for people to write personal blogs on things they really care about or things that they have done in their time which they are proud of. Partly the reason I started this blog was to share some of my experiences with the world instead just me, myself and I. There are so many blog platforms to use from Blogger and Wordpress to even micro-blogging platforms like Facebook and Tumblr. Get one them and share your story - it's what they're there for.

Some people keep video diaries. Commonly referred to as vlogs, video diaries can be shared on various video platforms and editing in many ways to make them personal. They're easy to do and don't require much skill. You simply stick a camera in front of you and begin to talk about what you are up to while you are doing it or what you have done. There are plenty of people who vlog and keep video diaries as they're quick and easy.

Digital diaries are another great way you can express your thoughts and feelings in a controlled written manner. These aren't very rare but they are a good middle ground between blogs and a paper diary you would keep under your pillow. You can start a digital diary on practically any digital device from a desktop computer to a smartphone. If you have a tablet, you can mix different diary types such as videos, audio and text. All you really need is a text editor or a word processor and you're away.

Finally, there's audio diaries. I wasn't originally going to mention this one but I can't help feeling that I would doing wrong if I left it out. Audio diaries are not very popular and have been taken over by videos. But that doesn't mean they aren't as effective. If you are good at speaking, simply grab a recorder (You probably have one on your phone) and start recording stuff you say. Talk about your day, what your plans are for the weekend or that guy/girl you have a crush on.

So what's the point of keeping a diary? Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, it can provide a snapshot of your life. Much like a picture, you can revisit those moments and reflect on how your life has changed. You can also share private memories with people - though many people keep their diaries private. I kept a diary to express my emotions and to evict thoughts from my brain that I felt where hurting me. I would suggest trying a diary or a journal for a few months. Even if you only write one small bit a day, you would be astonished at how much your life has changed and you didn't even notice.

Have you ever kept a diary? What kind of things did you keep in it?

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