The Guy In The Funny Hat

Welcome to my little space on the internet where I vent out my frustrations like a lunatic.

I use this website kind of like a diary, rambling on about stuff I care about and sharing my experience as I meander aimlessly through life.

When I'm not making terrible websites that look like they were coded in the 90's, I'm making music under the name "Twnty Knots" (not a typo), vlogging, blogging, podcasting and playing Quake 3.

I'm passionate about Linux and Open Source, films that aren't made by Hollywood or Disney, video games, coffee with whiskey in it, making obnoxious noises with a computer and causing arguments.

If you want to follow me - you creepy weirdo - then you can find me basically everywhere with the name "TGITFH".

theguyinthefunnyhat by James Stevenson, all rights reserved.